Know Before You Go - Biathlon

What should I wear / bring?

Dress for comfort, avoid wearing cotton and dress in light layers of synthetic or wool so that you can adjust your temperature as you heat up and cool down and to be comfortable in varying conditions. Most avid skiers dress as if they are heading out for a winter run or cycle. Layers that allow for mobility and breathability are best. If you come skiing on a wet day ensure you have a top layer that keeps you dry. Pack thin gloves/avoid thick alpine gloves or mittens. Don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen and, if you are planning on going on a longer tour, a drink belt plus some light snacks. Our restaurant in the Day Lodge can help you refuel after your ski as well! A limited number of lockers is available at the Day Lodge (own lock required).

Where can I check weather and trail conditions?

Click here for up-to-date weather and trail information.

Where do I check in if I booked a lesson?

If you booked a Whistler Olympic Park lesson, please check in with our sport school in the Day Lodge around 30 minutes before your lesson. This will give you enough time to be fitted with rentals and check in with your instructor.

If you booked the Whistler Olympic Park Explorer Package which includes transportation, check the bus schedule previous to your ski day.

Do you have more tips for skiing at Whistler Olympic Park?

For more information on skiing at Whistler Olympic Park such as trail recommendations, waxing tips and information on skiing with dogs on our trails, check our Know Before You Go Cross Country Skiing.