Know Before You Go - Snowshoeing

What to wear / bring

Dress for the elements!


  • Choose insulated, waterproof footwear that matches your snowshoeing style – Waterproof hiking boots, casual winter boots or even waterproof trail-running shoes, in case you plan to go for a jog. Shoes should not have a big heel.
  • Bring or rent overboots from us if you plan to snowshoe in deep snow to keep your feet dry.

Clothing / Accessories:

  • Dress in layers that can be taken off easily, wear a zippered top to regulate body heat
  • Snowshoeing is a physical exercise. Choose technical wear or wool instead of cotton to keep your body climate comfortable.
  • Wear long underwear
  • Wool socks or wool/silk combination socks are ideal, cotton socks are not recommended.
  • Waterproof jacket (with breathable waterproof fabrics) will keep you dry and protect you from cold winds.
  • Bring gloves, a hat, sunglasses (or goggles), sunblock, maybe some snacks and a camera!

Getting on the trails

  • Check in at our Guest Services desk or Rental Shop in the Daylodge for advise on trails matching your anticipations and physical ability.
  • Especially check the time necessary for the trail you want to use as that may vary due to weather and snow conditions.
  • Take a trail map with you (available in the Day Lodge). You can look at them online/download them here.
  • Stick to the marked trails. Some of them are shared with cross-country skiers, so follow trail etiquette and stay off the ski tracks.
  • Do not snowshoe alone!