Bobsleigh Sport Programs

Bobsleigh programs are offered for ages 16 and up, and include introductory one-time sessions, multi-day pilot schools, full-season training for all levels (recreational and athletes, youth and adult) and the option to get involved as brakeman/brakewoman for those that do not want to commit to piloting a bobsleigh just yet.

A clear pathway (see table below) leads bobsleigh pilots through their progression levels:


(target ages 16+)

First-touch, one-session programs such as Discover Bobsleigh. Athletes are familiarized with the sport of bobsleigh with actual on-ice sliding. 

(target ages 16-26)

Winter season program (November to March), with three schools being offered per season. Learn the basic skills needed to begin piloting a bobsleigh and working towards being a competitive bobsleigh pilot.

Recreational Piloting 
(target ages 16+)

Winter season program (November to March). For both competitive and non-competitive pilots. Sliding sessions available three to five times/week. Season pass, 10-time pass or drop in available. Equipment rental available. International athlete options available.


Athletes must have world-class abilities to be selected to these teams (selection is directed by Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton).

Discover/U-Drive Bobsleigh (target ages 16+)

This introductory, 2.5-hour driving school will teach participants the basic skills and techniques needed to pilot a bobsleigh. After a brief orientation and track walk, participants will take turns as brakeman and pilot.

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Pilot School (target ages 16-26)

Youth and young adults that want to acquire the skills to become a bobsleigh pilot can enroll in one of the three multi-day Bobsleigh Pilot School programs offered this winter season.

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Club Sliding Bobsleigh (target ages 16+)

Youth and adults ages 16 and up who want to pilot a bobsleigh either competitively or recreationally can sign up for the Club Sliding Program, which offers sliding opportunities three to five times per week.

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Become a Brakeman/Brakewoman!

You are not sure if piloting a bobsleigh is for you, but still want to get involved in sliding on the world's fastest track and learn about the sport in a hands-on capacity? Become a brakeman/brakewoman! 

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